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Dear business partners,

Let us introduce our company Kovsmol, Ltd. Our company Kovsmol has been performing on the Slovak market since 1993 and it deals with the sale of solid metal, section steel, metal sheets and fasteners. The company Kovsmol –corporation was transformed into Kovsmol, Ltd. in 2005.

Due to business activities our company has been formed into steady business subject performing on the Slovak market. To provide supplies of the solid metal we cooperate directly with the producers in Slovakia and in all European Union as well. Recently we dispose of the storage area 4 000m2 and we have more than 2 000 tons of solid metal supplies. Our main target is to offer a wide range of solid metals and professional service in high quality to our business partners and clients.

Your full satisfaction with our services is guaranteed by:

  • certified weighing
  • delivery to destination required by customer

Complex support of your logistics department:

  • time optimalization of material delivery
  • optimalization of the material quality

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Our partner company is Metal Complex, Ltd. which has been proceeding succesfully in its program of steel construction production for several years. The company is specialized in production and assembling of all types of steel halls.
More information regarding Metal Complex company you can find on TU

20 rokov

Recently company Kovsmol,Ltd. presents one of the most professional and quality firm in the area of solid metal sale in the frame of Prešov district and East Slovakia as well. Quality steel from European Union and also from Slovakia is the base of long-term satisfaction of our clients during the period of more than two decades.
es, in 2013 our company celebrated 20th anniversary of its existence. We would like to express our thankfullness for this success especially to you, our customers, our business partners , our employees and to all friends of company Kovsmol. We want to increase the quality and range of our services and goods, keep regular transportation in the following decades. That is the reason to wish all of you lots of success, health and wonderful feeling that we are still here for you . Company management, activities, news and all recent events you can also find on Facebook.

In addition to focusing on the content of our work we pay attention and support also:

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